Cape Commission Needs Updated Official Review

Compromise on the Cape Cod Commission crisis
Compromise on the Cape Cod Commission crisis

Cape Cod Commission Needs Updated Official Review

As a reasonable solution to the growing political controversy and crisis of criticism surrounding the Cape Cod Commission, a reasonable and simple solution is to formally impanel a new official task force to review the Commission's current flawed operations and issue a comprehensive report with detailed independent cost-benefit analysis of the CCC and necessary reforms and recommendations which must be adopted.

For reference purposes, please read the last task force report and recommendations on the Cape Cod Commission resulting from the last such official review by the Barnstable County 21st Century Task Force. It includes "The Minority Report" which included vitally necessary recommendations which to this day were apparently never properly implemented by the CCC. New recommendations might include establishing new methodology for selecting Cape Cod Commission representatives similart to the one used by The Martha's Vineyard Commission whereby approximately one-half of the board members are directly elected by the voters.


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