Mills Man Develops SQUID: Exercise Tracking Clothing

A Northeastern University student is working on cutting edge technology to tell us how we're doing when we're working out.

Exercise tracking is transforming from the old fashioned pen and paper method (remember actual journals?) to all sorts of fancy technology in our phones and watches. One Marstons Mills resident is taking technology a step further.

Mills resident and Northeastern University senior Adam Morgan is the project manager for Squid, the tracking device created as an interdisciplinary capstone project for his industrial engineering degree.

Squid is "an array of electrodes inside a compression shirt. The apparel is part of system... which also includes a smartphone app and an exercise tracking site. Unlike other tech that ends with monitoring hear rate and tracking GPS coordinates Squid can actually gauge muscle activity and count reps so you don't have to," according to Engadget.

Morgan is working on a version 2 of the prototype as well the marketing for the product.

According to NU News, "The group presented its prototype to faculty and classmates in December, but the work is far from done...envisions having a version of SQUID on the market in two or three years."


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