Barnstable County Special Commission on County Governance was NOT Legitimate!

Based upon available public records at this time, the Special Commission on County Goverance was NOT Legitmate!

Based upon available public records at this time, the Special Commission was not legitimate, and quite probably completely illegal. A smoking gun?

Take a look that this September 23, 2012 editorial from the Barnstable Patriot:

EDITORIAL: A distrustful county

Now, take a look at this article (also from the Barnstble Patriot) from the same date:

Commissioners say they don’t have to appoint special review group 


After researching this matter further, there is no definitive evidence up to this point in time that the Barnstable County Commissioners actually held a formal vote to appoint Former Senators Rob O’leary or Henri Rauschenbach as Co-Chairman of the Special Commission on County Governance. In addition, no other members of the Special Commission were formally appointed by the County Commissioners either.

If one looks at the following article from the Barnstable Patriot dated April 6, 2011, it reveals that “…during the April 6 meeting of the Barnstable County Commissioners. O’Leary and Rauschenbach agreed to co-chair a special commission to look at county governance.”

Barnstable Patriot, 04/06/2011 ‘Back on the job’

However, if one looks at the official notes from the meeting for that day, it makes no mention of such an agreement or a vote by the county commissioners to appoint either of the gentlemen.

After researching the meeting notes for the month of March, 2011 at the following website, nothing could be found indicating that the County Commissioners had taken a vote with regard to appointing anyone to the Special Commission On County Governance.

Commissioner’s Meeting Notes
Please also review the following matters on what was discovered:


“Motion made by Sheila Lyons to establish the Special Committee on County Government and to meet with the proposed Chairman to establish the membership and charge. 2nd by Mary Pat Flynn, approved 3-0.”


“32) Executed a letter to Robert O’Leary and Henri Rauschenbach regarding the establishment of a special commission to review the present structure of County Government.”

It appears that on March 16, 2011 the County Commissioners agreed in concept to establish the Special Commission, and then on March 30, 2011 executed a letter to Rob O’Leary and Henri Rauschenbach relative to the concept of establishing the Special Commission on County Governance.

In addition to the fact there are no actual “minutes” available of any meetings held by the Barnstable County Commissioners, the main problem is that nowhere in any of these official records which are provided on the county website, does there appear to have been a vote by the County Commissioners to officially appoint anyone to the Special Commission as required by the provisions of the Barnstable County Home Rule Charter! Absent any official documents or records to the contrary, the only logical conclusion that can be reached by a reasonable person is that the Barnstable County Special Commission on County Governance, its activities, final recommendations & report as well as any and all subsequent related actions taken by the County Commissioners were not and are NOT LEGITIMATE and quite likely ILLEGAL!

RON BEATY, West Barnstable, MA


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RON BEATY April 03, 2012 at 01:18 PM
A formal written inquiry and request for additional public records has been forwarded to the county commissioners and the county adminstrator...
Rodger Wonker April 03, 2012 at 04:40 PM
This conspiracy runs much deeper than a simple parlimentary procedure. Youre in over your head...you have no idea what youre getting yourself into. I have the evidence you seek. check out this scanned document to see the REAL truth! http://www.flickr.com/photos/antsz1/2767638386/
RON BEATY April 03, 2012 at 05:06 PM
...@Rodger, since that is what you choose to call yourself, there is no conspiracy involved in any of this, and also not just a mistake in "a simple parlimentary procedure" as you also make mention of as well. What does appear to have occured is that the Special Commission in question was quite probably not legally created and hence was NOT legitimate (along with its recommendations AND subsequent actions by the County Commissioners). In addition, the Barnstable County Commissioners may also be in violation of a number of open meeting law AND public records laws too. The extent of their collective mistakes and/or violations has yet to be discovered since the requested material has not been provided yet. What is the purpose of your sarcastic comments? Trying to cloud the real issues at hand?Are you, or some fellow colleagues afraid of the truth being revealed? (Former Attorney) Michael Farber has already begun uncovering a number of highly questionable issues involving Andrew Gottlieb (his contract with the County among other matters) by utilizing Freedom of Information and Public Records Laws requests... With any luck, this process will also yield worthwhile information in the public interest too. Either way, THE PUBLIC HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW. Thank you and have a pleasant day. ^_^
RON BEATY April 08, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Recent public statements by Dr. Cheryl Andrews, Provincetown Delegate to the County Legislature: “The Assembly is the only group that ever opposes the (county) commissioners. Every time they set up a group and [that group doesn’t] do what they want, they get rid of the group.” "The commissioners marginalized the county water collaborative," said Andrews, "and set up the special commission." She feels that the commissioners want to get rid of the Assembly first, then create the wastewater authority. "“I’m very disappointed with level of transparency at the county,” Andrews said. Wellfleet Selectman and also Wellfleet's delegate to the County Legislature, Paul Pilcher, recently said: “Nobody disputes the need for regional planning for wastewater,” the stated rationale for the wastewater authority. What he questions, however, is creating an authority with the ability to tax and tell towns what to do. “We’re smart enough to create joint solutions without being forced," he said. “People are apprehensive about an authority..."


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