POLL: Who Would You Vote For in the N.H. Republican Primary?

While politically inclined Cape and Islands residents can't vote in today's N.H. Republican primary, we don't think it's right that our friends up north have all the January fun. We want to know: who would you vote for?

The Republican race for a presidential candidate is heating up. The New Hampshire primary is underway and the caucus in Iowa slimmed down the potential Presidential nominations with Michele Bachmann dropping out the race after getting just 5 percent of the vote (6,073 ballots).

Mitt Romney took the caucus with a needle-thin win over Rick Santorum, gathering just eight more ballots. Romney had 24.6 percent of the vote (30,015 ballots) with Santorum in a surprising second with 24.5 percent (30,007 ballots).

Both Newt Gingrich and dark horse candidate, Ron Paul, continue to nip at their heels however. Paul got a respectful 21.4 percent of the vote (26,219 ballots) with Newt providing a bigger gap at 13.3 percent (16,251 ballots).

Rick Perry managed only 10.3 percent (12,604 ballots) with Jon Huntsman getting hardly any support at all with just .6 percent of the vote (745 ballots).

With this news coming in from Iowa and New Hampshire on the horizon, Reading Patch wanted to ask our readers:

If you were voting in today's New Hampshire primary, which candidate would garner your support?

Take the poll and add any thoughts you may have on the race, the candidates, the issues and what you expect in November below in our comments section.

For up to the minute primary coverage visit Concord New Hampshire Patch.


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