Keating to form Federal Fishing Advisory Board

Keating's Federal Fishing Advisory Board will include stakeholders from the Cape and Islands.

Keating announced his Federal Fishing Advisory Board initiative to provide an opportunity for all the stakeholders to come together, discuss issues facing the fishing industry and look for collaborative solutions, according to a press release.

The board will be comprised o fishermen, scientists, government officials and other members of the marine and fishing industry - with representation from the Cape.

Rep. Keating is currently finalizing the members of the Federal Fishing Advisory Board, but it will include stakeholders from coastal communities on the North Shore, South Shore, Cape, Islands and South Coast.  A formal announcement of the Advisory Board Members is tentatively scheduled for March 13.

“Since taking office, I have met with hundreds of fishermen throughout my district who have articulated the problems facing them, and often suggest viable and creative solutions,” said Rep. Keating.  “These meetings I’ve had with the fishermen on the South Shore, Cape and Islands spurred the idea to expand the Advisory Board to fishermen across the state.  It makes total sense to me to bring everyone together in the hope of finding constructive solutions that make sense for all our fishing communities.  I am excited at the prospect of the good that can come from this Board and am thankful that John, Barney and Stephen – my colleagues and partners on this issue – will be sitting there with me.”   

“I’ve been working with Congressman Keating’s office on forming this advisory board a few months now.  This is an important opportunity to get grassroots input into fisheries management.  Everyone is very excited,” said Dr. Brian Rothschild, Co-Director of the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Institute.


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