Police: 'SCU Arrests Heroin Trafficker, Seizes Jaguar'

On Thursday, Barnstable Police arrested two East Falmouth women accused of conspiracy of trafficking heroin among other charges.

Barnstable Police Street Crimes Unit officers arrested two East Falmouth women accused of trafficking heroin on Thursday. 

While conducting surveillance in the Bell Tower Mall parking lot, police observed a Jaguar with two occupants behaving in a manner consistent with narcotics activity, police said. 

Police identified the women as Kelly Hayden, 29, and Rebecca Clancy, 30, both of East Falmouth.

Just before 6 pm, police called for backup to investigate the suspicious activity. 

Officer Peter Ginnetty along with off-duty Truro Sargent Craig Danzinger initiated contact with the suspects. SCU members Barnstable Police Officer Scott Wright and Deputy Sheriff Kim Saladino arrived on location to assist.  Saladino located a large amount of narcotics on Clancy and found approximately 20 grams of heroin, approximately 6 grams of cocaine, 50 oxycodone and suboxone pills in the suspects' possession, police said.

Police arrested Hayden and Clancy. 

Clancy's charges: trafficking heroin 14-28 grams, Possession class B/cocaine with intent to distribute, Possession class B/oxycodone with intent to distribute, Possession class B/suboxone with intent to distribute, Conspiracy to violate the narcotics laws and Drug violation near school/park.

Hayden's charges: Conspiracy to violate the narcotics laws and Drug violation near school/ park.

"The Bell Tower Plaza is located in close proximity to the Stepping Stones day care center. This resulted in the drug violation near school/park. It carries an enhanced penalty if convicted. Hayden is the registered owner of the 2004 Jaguar sedan. The vehicle was towed back to the Barnstable Police Facility. It was used by Hayden to facilitate a narcotics transaction. SCU will attempt to seize her vehicle. The vehicle has an approximate value of $10,000," police said in the press release. 

They were ordered held without bail following their arraignment in Barnstable District Court.  Both have outstanding probation matters in Falmouth District Court for receiving stolen property over $250. Each was transported to Falmouth District Court to address those matters. Both were subsequently released after their appearance in Falmouth District Court for a future probation surrender date.

Jennifer Simckowitz July 26, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Hi, I'd have to check in on the case at the courts. I haven't been going that way, but I can look into it for you.
Stumpgrinder February 22, 2013 at 02:27 PM
Here I am................ the broken record. What is/was the disposition of this case? Nearly a year and all I can find is an arraignment and off to Falmouth they went. This prized pair ........... have they ever been convicted (it seemed like a "slam dunk"), sentenced, or are they walking among us, driving their Jaguar, and up to their old tricks........?????? What is the disincentive to deal drugs if you just go free? Ho about some answers BPD? .............or do those of us who pay their taxes and provide salaries for cops & courts not deserve to know what is the fate of criminals who openly flaunt the law. How many more drug dealers and other criminals will walk free because convicting them is too much like "doing your job"? Stumpy
bluefish February 23, 2013 at 12:23 PM
I never thought I would say this but, Stumpgrinder...I agree with you ! In 2007 they were in court over the dog thing, 2011 they were in court over the drug thing and still neither were sent to jail. If it had been my kid or yours, the court would have thrown the book at them. Seems these two are impervious to the law. How can I get impervious ??
Stumpgrinder February 25, 2013 at 04:07 PM
That's easy. Lie to the cops. Lie to the prosecutors. Tell them both that you have bigger fish than themselves, and when the D.A. and the detectives see that they have been duped, they are too embarrassed to admit it and just drop the whole case against you. Then go out and deal heroin, chop off dogs' heads, and sport around in your fancy car the cops gave back to you. Any bets they are collecting from the system, too? Jennifer: Seven months ago you said you would, "check in on the case at the courts." ...............just checking in with you.
Stumpgrinder March 26, 2013 at 11:40 PM
A year and a day. A year and a day. What has been done in a year and a day? More than half of an ounce of heroin. Six grams of coke and 50 oxycodones. Sara Mannal, your mate should be as concerned about what these babes are doing, these days, besides time. How about following up as Jennifer said she would. Are these women some sort of "sacred cows" who are immune from prosecution? Are we better off with them on the street than without their presence in our mall parking lots? Who was in charge of their prosecution and/or pardon? Who knows? Maybe there is a Pulitzer in it for you!


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