Police Bust Mashpee Woman for Heroin

Police allegedly found four grams of heroin and 30 grams of marijuana in her possession.

Police arrested a Mashpee woman who allegedly concealed four grams of heroin inside a bag of rice in her car along with 30 grams of marijuana, police said. 

Police arrested Cheyenne T. Galvin, 18, of 13 Main St., Masphee and charged her with drug possession of a class A drug with intent to distribute (heroin), possession of a class D drug with intent to distribute (marijuana), unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon (spring loaded knife) and with motor vehicle violations, according to court documents.

Police conducted a motor vehicle stop on Galvin for speeding and turning without signaling from Bearse's Way onto Fresh Holes Road, the report stated.

Galvin was allegedly rolling a marijuana cigarette when police pulled her over on Fresh Holes Road in Hyannis. During the stop, police stated they saw her conceal a bag of marijuana under her seat and in a car search officers found a bag of heroin concealed inside a bag of rice in her center console in addition to marijuana.

When questioned about the drugs, Galvin was quoted in the report as saying, "It's mine and I'm selling it. I come from a family of drug dealers."

Galvin had $300 in cash in her possession. 

Galvin pled not guilty to charges in Barnstable First District Court on Thursday.


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