Convicted Felon Arrested for Domestic Assault with Handgun

A Hyannis man was charged with kidnapping, firearms charges, threatening murder and more after an alleged domestic violence incident.

Police arrested a convicted felon for assault with a handgun on Tuesday, police said.

The day of the incident a 20-year-old Sandwich female drove over to a friend’s home and was surprised to encounter her ex-boyfriend identified as Keith Newell of Hyannis.  The victim stated she ended her relationship with Newell earlier in the day. According to the report, Newell grabbed her and physically forced her back into her car and drove away.  Despite her numerous pleas to stop the car and let her out Newell refused and allegedly pulled out a handgun and threatened to kill the her, police said in a release.   

According to police, Newell drove the victim to his residence at 24 Marston Ave. in Hyannis, physically forced her into the home and threatened to kill her if she left. Newell allegedly told her with the handgun in his possession, “If I can’t have you nobody will.”  Newell allegedly took possession of her cellular telephone and car keys and told if she left the bedroom he would kill her. 

The victim said during this time Newell ingested a narcotic and passed. The victim was able to escape, according to police. 

The victim reported the incident to the Sandwich Police Department. Sandwich PD contacted the Barnstable Police. A broadcast for Newell was put out to Barnstable Police Officers. Barnstable Street Crimes Unit (SCU) was able to locate Newell on West Main Street in Hyannis, police said.  

Newell was arrested on two outstanding warrants not related to this investigation and was subsequently charged with kidnapping, assault by dangerous weapon (firearm), illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition, assault and battery domestic violence, and threat to commit domestic violence/murder for his involvement in the assault on the victim, police said.

Barnstable Detectives Division conducted a follow up investigation. On Thursday officers obtained a search warrant for the Newell’s residence. Investigators sought to recover the firearm used by Newell to threaten the victim. Members of the BPD Detective Division, lead by Sargent Mark Mellyn, executed the search warrant at 24 Marstons Ave., Hyannis and recovered a loaded large caliber handgun at the residence. Newell is a convicted felon and does not have a license to possess firearms, police said.

The illegal possession of firearms arrest of Newell makes him the third member of the Newell family recently arrested on firearms charges.  Newell's brothers Randall and Christopher have also been arrested on firearms charges recently. Randall Newell was arrested by the Harwich Police Department last week on firearms related charges. On Dec. 7, 2011, Christopher Newell was arrested by the Barnstable SCU on firearms charges. Both are currently being held at the Barnstable County Jail with their cases pending in Orleans ad Barnstable District Courts, police said.

Keith Newell is a convicted felon with several felony convictions including convictions for possession with intent to distribute cocaine and illegal firearms possession. Additional charges of being an armed career criminal maybe taken out on a future date, police said.

Newell was arraigned in Barnstable District Court today and order held without bail until Friday, police said.

Get a Job March 08, 2012 at 03:46 PM
Wow, one crime after another, what does one have to do to stay in prison? "His residence" how does he afford a home if it looks quite obvious he does not work for a living? looks like he is in his 40's, what is a 20 year old even doing around him?
chelsea March 11, 2012 at 01:54 AM
hey idiot just so you know he is 22 and before you start judging people why dont you look in the mirror cuz you prob live in your mamas basement.
Needtaspeeka commenta March 20, 2012 at 02:53 AM
hey chelsee, even if he's 22 is what he did ok with you?? he is an idiot who beats up women, so why are you defending this loser?? ohh maybe you like this type, omg good luckkk
tiffany hayes January 26, 2013 at 05:37 PM
wow this all just makes me laugh. A bunch of grown people who like to talk shit and start drama of coarse your all probably from cape cod, with out a doubt. who are any of you to judge. The real question you should ask your self is why the hell was she with him in the first place if she new what he did for a living, shes just as bad as he is. hes pretty well known on the cape so don't any of try and say she didn't know what she was getting into. hes defiantly innocent, for a man as loyal, and loving and will take the shirt off his back for anyone. so for all of you cape cod bums who want to reply to this and make a fool of your self go right a head. cause all of you know nothing about keith and should keep his name out of your nasty mouths.
kirsten January 27, 2013 at 07:40 PM
maybe he did that but tiffs right hes a wonderful and caring guy in a relationship wicked sweet and you guys sitting here talking shit when he cant defend himself is wrong.


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