What Grinds Your Gears Barnstable?

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With summer winding down and school starting, blood pressures are sure to rise all over. And in a small town the size and density of Barnstable, there is sure to be one or maybe a hundred things that will start bothering you now that beach days are in the rear-view mirror and politics is on the tip of everyone's tongue.

Here at Barnstable Patch, we always encourage our readers to share their opinions at the bottom of every article, on Facebook, Twitter, in blogs and letters to the editor. Today let's shake it all out in one place.

You can just vent (politely), propose some constructive solutions or even ask a key question that may turn into an article or series of articles.

Are you sick of the backups on the bridge? Tired of crime downtown? Wondering why your street never seems up for paving? Maybe you're sick already of the Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren ads on local TV?

Whatever grinds your gears, tell us in the comments!


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