Massachusetts Wind Turbine Corruption

Help Put Corrupt Officals In Jail
Help Put Corrupt Officals In Jail
Wanted Corrupt Politicians- Renewable Energy   Renewable Energy Projects & Corrupt Politicians   The poor placement of commercial wind turbines in Massachusetts is of major concern. The culture of secrecy and poor siting of the turbines has undermined public confidence in government.  
For four years the state has looked away from thousands of certified noise complaints.Deep flaws in Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection laws constructed to keep the public safe and government honest should incur a parade of criminal and ethical misconduct charges involving public servants
  The news media is well aware there is a conflict of interest at some of the highest levels of government. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has never examined one of thousands of residents with health issues. Three Massachusetts House speakers in a row have been convicted of crimes.   The current war on fossil fuels involves state officials who have refused to enforce laws to protect residential home owners. These public officials should be targets of a massive corruption probe. There's a sequence in political corruption cases and time is drawing near for indictments.
The US Constitution places the ownership of private property at the very heart of our system of liberty.The rights of wind turbine victims need protection of their property rights against abusive state and local Massachusetts governments. This was one of the main reasons why the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment sought to apply the Bill of Rights to the states.
  Massachusetts has a saying; You don't have to be corrupt of facing criminal charges to be a local politician on Cape Cod, but it helps. Massachusetts has a long history of poorly educated people voting in career corrupt politicians   It's time for the residents of Massachusetts to take out full page advertisements asking the FBI and United States Attorneys Office in Boston to protect our constitutional residential property rights.   Massachusetts will have a new governor in 2015. We need a candidate that will protect all the citizens of Massachusetts and continue with a renewable energy program that doesn't destroy families.   If you know of or can help identify corrupt politicians please call the offices below:     Massachusetts Office of Attorney General Martha Coakley
105 William Street
New Bedford, MA 02740-6257
Telephone: (508) 990-9700
  and /or   Carmen M. Ortiz the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts John Joseph Moakley
United States Federal Courthouse
1 Courthouse Way, Suite 9200
Boston, MA 02210
 Main Phone: (617) 748-3100


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