Happy Valentine's Day, Cape Cod Mick!

Hobbies are a funny thing - see what keeps my husband Mick going.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. For couples, like us, who have been together a long time, we have not even talked about any plans. Well, actually, Mick did mention dinner.

Speaking of Mick, he is a very interesting subject, at least in the Carlon house.

Some husbands spend their free time golfing. Some watch every minute of their favorite sport regardless if their home team is playing or not. Some do nothing and are really boring. 

My husband? He leads a very busy life: teaching, publishing his first novel; constantly reading a book and/or his favorite magazine, (I cannot even have a conversation with him if the new MOJO is out); and writing reviews for L.L. Bean.

Yes, he writes reviews for L.L. Bean. Yes, those people who write reviews on clothing items are real and my husband is at the top of their list. At this point he has authored 82 reviews on their site.

Why? Every single piece of his clothing is L.L. Bean. He is a walking advertisement and that is OK with me. When we were first married his favorite thing to wear was white t-shirts with huge pictures of jazz icons on the front.

Last summer Mick was traveling to New Hampshire to visit his mother when he stopped at his favorite “watering hole” -  the L.L. Bean outlet in Mansfield. There he was browsing when he saw a poster showcasing swimming trunks. Under them was the quote “I’ve had these babies for four years now and they’re as good as new. I highly recommend these shorts.” The author?  My husband - Cape Cod Mick.   

Excitedly, he called over a gentleman who was working there and exclaimed, “That’s me!” 

The man called over a co-worker, “Hey!  It’s Cape Cod Mick!”

The man headed over and asked Mick, “It’s great to meet you. You’ve written more reviews than anyone on our website. Do you have a real job?”

The spring 2011 catalog is out and if you flip to page 126 you will bask in Cape Cod Mick’s wittiness: “Soft as butter! The fit is perfect. No wrinkles in sight.” Which in this household translates to we do not iron.

In upcoming catalogs and on its site you will be able to enjoy a letter he wrote extolling the virtues of other Bean products. L.L. Bean just asked Mick if they could use it. 

So yes, I have a husband whose hobby is hanging out on the L.L. Bean website and writing reviews. Hey, it’s better than checking out “other” sites!

And he’s dressing better.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my Cape Cod Mick.  This column is for you. 

Please respond with flowers, dinner and possibly diamonds.



CCFlipFlop February 13, 2011 at 06:44 PM
AWESOME... The Carlon family seems to always surprise me with a new and interesting piece of information!! :)
Alicia Zink February 14, 2011 at 01:16 AM
Great! This one made me laugh outloud!! Nice Tribute. I think you should be off the hook for a V-Day gift!!
Marisa Powers February 15, 2011 at 04:15 AM
awesome story! hope you got the diamonds!
Me March 25, 2011 at 01:01 AM
Please tell Cape Cod Mick that LLBean is starting free shipping (permanently) starting tomorrow, 3/25/11. I placed an order today and then read on Boston.com an article about their new policy. I called LLBean and they gave me the free shipping!


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