What is the CLC, Cape Light Compact ?

What is the CVEC, Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative

Who are the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates ?

Who is BCK Law that represents these agencies ? How much of percentage do they get ?

The Cape Light Compact established the Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC) in 2007 to develop local renewable energy projects.

Questions have been asked about the ability of these independent agencies to stabilize electric rates for all its members and ratepayers with renewable energy generation.

The electric rate payer on Cape Cod has to ask today how much has the CLC & CVEC saved me on my electric bill ? Would it surprise you to find out you took $50.00 out of your pocket every year and threw it out the window and you would have been better off just buying your electricity from the local power company ?

How would you like to find out where your money went ? Well just file a FOIA , Freedom of Information Act form and maybe they will give you some information.

Who is BCK Law the law firm that handles all the litigation ? What percentage of that 50 bucks a year out of your pocket goes to them ?

Why can't you go to a central location and look at the minutes to the meetings ? You can go to your local town hall and look at minutes to meetings. Why all these executive minutes ?

The question here is the public has a right to know.

Electric rate payers are currently witness to a solar project failure on Cape Cod & Islands. The Falmouth wind turbine health and financial fiasco has taken center stage on the international news as ground zero for poorly placed wind turbines in the world.

There are rumors that electric rate payers on Cape Cod over the last 7 years may have paid 35 million more than had they just bought their power from the local electric company .That's 5 million a year. Based on 100,000 households on Cape Cod & Islands each family threw  $50.00 out the window every year. Your taking these people out to dinner ?

The bottom line is where did the money go ?

Paul Shaw February 27, 2014 at 10:06 PM
Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC) OUT OF MONEY AGAIN Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC) was created to provide the municipalities of Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard a way to work together. The CVEC has run out of money again ! They're going to have to go back to the well! The CVEC is going to have to ask the CLC, Cape Light Compact for an another cash transfusion ! When does the bleeding stop ? This time quite possibly having to pull the plug on all of their Phase II PV projects. http://www.topix.com/forum/city/falmouth-ma/TBCDO7A25B0LBE53P


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