Cape Commission Expands Staff of Bureaucrats

Stop the Cape Cod Commission Expansion!
Stop the Cape Cod Commission Expansion!

Cape Cod Commission Dramatically Expanding Staff of Bureaucrats

As evidenced by the most recent Employment Notices posted at their website, the political patronage prone Cape Cod Commission is suddenly on a fast-track hiring spree to dramatically expand the size and scope of its already bloated staff of bureaucrats. It is of particular interest that it is in the REGULATORY area in which it seeks to grow so that they will have increased ability to dictate to Cape Codders what they can and cannot do. Will it ever end?

Current Opportunities with the CAPE COD COMMISSION: Regulatory Officer II, Planner II, 2 Traffic Technicians

This growing county government BUREAUCRATIC CANCER must be brought to heel. The only jobs that the CCC has ever created are for their own USELESS and NONSENSICAL collection of political cronies and hacks!! Howie Carr should know about this!


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