Cape Cod Commission Tries to Micro-Manage Life on Cape Cod

Abolish the Cape Cod Commission
Abolish the Cape Cod Commission

Cape Cod Commission Tries to Micro-Manage Life on Cape Cod

Among locals, it is fast becoming known as "The Commission," "The Organization" and "The Barnstable County Mob." Like its more famous organized crime counter-parts, the Cape Cod Commission is all about control, political power, and oppressive authority.

As unquestionably exhibited by the self-explanatory dictatorial Cape Cod Commission issued regulations provided below, it is clear that this excessively expensive and unnecessary layer of county government bureaucracy is now attempting to oppressively micromanage every aspect of residential and commercial development on Cape Cod, and thereby the lives of every man, woman and child residing here. It is evern trying to unfairly coerce Cape Codders to sign over their property rights to the Commission and other governmental entities, in clear violation of the Massachusetts Constitution and the United States Constitution. Furthermore, the Commission has even decreed overbearing new taxes upon economic development on Cape Cod which they cleverly call "impact fees" which in reality are overly burdensome taxes upon those who are trying to provide good paying jobs, businesses and homes to Cape Cod residents. Though it repeatedly denies it, the Cape Cod Commission has long coveted a political agenda that is anti-business and no-growth. Its aim is to try and force all fifteen Cape Cod municipalities to adopt the same un-American political agenda that that they themselves have so enthusiastically embraced.

Cape Cod Commission Model Bylaws and Regulations Village-StyleDevelopment Bylaw/Ordinance for Towns  in Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Transfer ofDevelopment Rights


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