Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates Denied Information

People Want Know Where Is The Money Going ?
People Want Know Where Is The Money Going ?

Delegates override commissioners in budget battle

    By Patrick Cassidy pcassidy@capecodonline.com June 02, 2014

BARNSTABLE — The Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates got the last word in a dust-up over a $74,000 gap between its budget and a spending plan proposed by county commissioners.

During a special meeting on Friday the assembly voted 73.78 percent to 23.49 percent to override a vote taken two days earlier by the three commissioners that would have restored the funding, which the assembly had previously voted to eliminate. The 15-member assembly is the legislative branch of Cape Cod's regional government, and each member controls a portion of the vote based on his or her town's population.

The delegate from Orleans, who controls 2.73 percent of the vote, was not present at the meeting. [truncated due to possible copyright]   click on link to keep reading :

RON BEATY June 02, 2014 at 09:08 PM
...I was there too. Perhaps "the message" will finally get through to the ones not providing the much needed transparency and accountability...


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