Another Assault Brewing for Cape Light Compact?

The Cape Light Compact has been under assault lately. Another component of the Compact's mission will be scrutinized this Monday night at the Falmouth Board of Selectmen meeting.  

The Compact's other mission is to be an effective consumer advocate for the 21 communities it represents.  With the state’s Department of Public Utilities now taking the lead in the development of wind energy facility guidelines, Local and County government are threatened by the reality of losing control over renewable energy generation projects.

It’s no secret Falmouth has undergone wind turbine siting issues that have evolved into town-wide chaos.  County Commissioner Mary Pat Flynn and the rest of the Falmouth Selectmen will be asking Compact Administrator Maggie Downey, “Will you defend Famouth and the Cape communities that are your consumers?”  All Cape towns will be intently listening and watching whether the CLC will champion it’s league of Cape Communities.  Where will the Compact’s position fall?

Will the Compact stand by it’s member communities and give the assurance that no other town will become the next Falmouth?  


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