Help Send Cape Cod Rugby South for a St. Patrick's Day Tournament

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The Cape Cod Rugby Club has turned to GoFundMe to raise money for a trip to Savannah, Georgia, for a St. Patrick's Day tournament.

The team, which is made up of former and current college and men's club players, has raised $495 of  its $7,500 goal to travel south for the tournament.

Branham Hambone Foley set up the page called Help Cape Cod Rugby to Tournament, which reads:

New England Rugby Football Union. Native New Englanders, give us some help. We'll show them to give a damn and how we do things up North!
We are a smaller team so we are trying to raise funds to go to a St. Patricks day tournament in Savannah Georgia.

Our club consists mainly of former and current College and Mens Club players. The Cape Cod Rugby players and coaches commit up to two nights per week to train for weekend matches and tournaments. In addition, most members dedicate numerous hours outside of practice to train for these events. Our team members are current students who are nearing graduation, graduate students and graduated professionals who make time in their busy schedules to play the game they love. We would appreciate any support. Thank you all that do. 


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