Plymouth Woman Found Not Guilty of Motor Vehicle Homicide

A judge found Andrea Mastandrea not guilty of killing 17-year-old Andrew Dexter II of Buzzard’s Bay.

Mastandrea was charged with motor vehicle homicide by negligence for leaving the scene after hitting Dexter New Year’s Day 2011, according to the Cape Cod Times.

Mastandrea testified that she was not aware she hit Dexter the night of the accident.

Mastandrea was found guilty of driving an uninsured motor vehicle.

B November 22, 2012 at 03:24 AM
She is a liar!!!!! And Justice will serve her.... one way or another...... watch your back bitch... sleep with one eye open :-D
KMH November 22, 2012 at 05:41 AM
Every person that I have came into contact today had something to say about the decision made by this judge, they ALL are VERY PISSED OFF, I CLUDING MYSELF. All I can say is god bless Andrew Dexter's dad, if I were in his shoes I probably would be on my way to jail in the back of a Bourne police car! Please know we are ALL thinking of you and support you. You and your family have been dealt a very bogus fraudulent justice for your son! Ridiculous!! I wonder how that judge would feel if his son or daughter were run down like an animal, then left on the side of the road, left there most likely to avoid an OUI, WHEN THATPOOR BOYS LIFE COULD PROBABLY HAVE BEEN SAVED BY CALLING THE FRIGGEN AMBULANCE. A.M., YOU SUCK, YOUR ATTORNEY SUCKS, AND SO DOES THE REST OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM DEALING WITH THIS CASE. S I c k e n I n g!!


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