Cape Cod Losing Shoreline

A series of winter storms including Tropical Storm Sandy have dramatically changed the Cape Cod coast.


Karst Hoogeboom with the Cape Cod National Seashore told the Boston Globe that last winter the Cape experienced the greatest amount of shore loss in a short period of time since 1978.

The National Seashore experienced much of the damage on Marconi Beach in Wellfleet and Nauset Light Beach in Eastham. There, visitors will now find a drastically shortened shoreline and barricades. Officials are working to repair lost stairways as quickly as they can.

The town of Sandwich is also dealing with severe damage. Two stairways were lost on Town Neck Beach over the winter and according to the Cape Cod Times the town spent $16 thousand to replace sand that was washed away in the storm.

Experts predict that one-day Cape Cod will be washed away, though admitting that process will ultimately take thousands of years. 


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