When Does Steve and Sue’s Par-Tee Freeze Open?

It’s a sign that spring is truly just around the corner, Steve and Sue’s Par-Tee Freeze is opening this weekend for the season.


Steve and Sue’s Par-Tee Freeze will open for the season Saturday. To celebrate the ice cream shop will have its annual sundae sale. Saturday February 16 and Sunday February 17 you can get two sundaes for the price of one.

Will you brave the cold for the Par-Tee Freeze opening? What other seasonal openings are you looking forward to?

Hopefulforchange February 15, 2013 at 09:46 PM
Nope, never, ever. What they sell is not ice cream. They should rename the place, "The Chemical Shack." I have lived very close to this place for 30 years and I would never give them a dime. It amazes me how many people believe this is ice cream and stand in long lines for it. Wake up America. And we wonder why people are sick and unhealthy!


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