Cape Cod Beer Releases Special Holiday Selections

"Naughty" Black IPA and Mint Chocolate Porter are on sale starting Monday, Dec. 16.

Cape Cod Beer.
Cape Cod Beer.

Cape Cod Beer is releasing two special beers on Monday, Dec. 16. The "Naughty" Black IPA and Mint Chocolate Porter will be available in limited quantities at the brewery, 1336 Phinney’s Lane.

Below is a description of the new beers from Cape Cod Beer:

“NAUGHTY” Black IPA is part of the new ongoing “Hoppy Holidays” series that throws a nod to our fans who appreciate some of our more hop-centric brands.  The brewery plans to roll out a new edition in the Hoppy Holidays series each holiday season. The recipe was developed by Lead Brewer Jeff Rowe of Osterville, who wanted the beer to have a west-coast-like hop profile without too much roasty character to distract from the healthy amount of Ahtanum and Zythos hops.  To achieve this, he selected a Midnight Wheat Malt known to add smooth flavors, resulting in a hop forward Black IPA with subtle roasted notes.  Label art for this beer was designed by Cape Cod Beer Sales Guy Alan O’Campbell of Wellfleet.  Specifications on the “NAUGHTY” Black IPA include:  ABV : 6.2%  OG: 14.7  IBU’s:  70  Utilizing the following Hops: Chinook, Ahtanum, and Zythos  and Malts: Pale, Caramalt, and Midnight Wheat.

Available starting on Dec. 16 in growlers at the brewery and selected package stores.  To find selected stores please use our online Beer Finder at Find.CapeCodBeer.com.  This beer should last several weeks based on the volumes produced.

Mint Chocolate Porter: Once again in 2013 Cape Cod Beer will be doing a specialty bottle release of Mint Chocolate Porter, or MinChoPo as it is called around the brewery. Mint Chocolate Porter came about as a challenge to create a cask ale for the British Beer Co Hyannis for the day of the 2012 holiday stroll. Brewmaster Todd Marcus describes the creative process: “Since Mint Chocolate Porter sounded festive for the holidays we took a stab at it – and people loved it. It’s always tricky when you go outside people’s idea of “normal” but we like to keep things interesting, but not too crazy, so this beer is subtle but very enjoyable. We have connections to folks at Taza Chocolate in Somerville, who as far we see it do basically what we do but in the chocolate world – so using their Organic Roasted Cocoa Nibs was a nice fit, and resulted in a product we were happy to put our name on. There is a nice mint aroma and slight mint flavor, which pairs nicely with the chocolate malt already in our porter and the Taza chocolate. It’s perfect for the holidays!”.  In 2012 the brewery packaged almost 300 bottles of this specialty beer – and sold them all within a day and half.  This year they have brewed up twice as many – almost 600 bottles – and hope that the beer will last at least until the weekend. 

This beer will be specialty packaged in a 750 ml flip top bottle which will be hand bottled and hand labeled.  Bottles will be sold at the brewery only at $15 per bottle with a two per person limit. This beer will go on sale at 10 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 16, and sold until it is gone.


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