10 Questions at the Farmer's Market

Here we talk with Salty Lou's Lori Caron, at the Hyannis Farmer's Market, Wednesdays from 2pm-6pm at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center.

Q: How long have you participated in Farmer’s Markets?

This is the fifth season.

Q: How long have you owned your farm/business?

We started the actual Salty Lou's business five years ago, but Rob has lobstered for a living for over 25 years.

Q: What do you wish people knew about buying locally?

There is a difference in quality, flavor and nutrient content in many cases.

Q: What got you interested in this way of life?

I spent time lobstering with Rob and trying to understand the whole cycle.  Rob's catch was sold to a wholesaler who shipped it to Europe (many lobsters found in fish markets and restaurants on Cape Cod are from Canada).

Q: What is the best thing about having your business on the Cape?

Lobster specifically is an attraction on the Cape and a product many are looking to include in their Cape Cod vacation. It's also given us the opportunity to meet many New Englanders who have known fishing as way of life in their family or are just plain passionate about lobster!

Q: Do you see a good variety of ages buying from you?

Yes, a wide variety of wonderful customers.  I am amazed how many kids love lobster.

Q: Does it seem like the Cape is behind, on par with, or ahead of the “going green” efforts in other parts of the state?

Wow!  Big question.  Both the Cape and the farming and fishing industries are new to me.  From my small bit of experience I know there is a concern regarding the small amount of land farmed on Cape Cod.

Although there is an increasing assortment of farmers markets available to the consumer, it is difficult to find farmers with the goods and availability to come to market.

Q: What is your favorite local summer item?

Asparagus, strawberries, honey, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, basil, apples… I couldn't choose!

Q: Why do you think people might not always support local growers and vendors?

It's not easy to buy local!  We really do unintentionally make it difficult. In many cases we have farm stands with very limited hours or farmers markets in temporary locations that are up and down in approximately 4 hours not to be seen again for a week!

Q: Barnstable’s Farmer’s Market in 10 years: what does it look like?

Education is a big piece to the Hyannis Market as well as Community participation.  We hope to expand with vendor offerings, food demonstrations, easier payment methods and more.  It's an exciting place for us to be with a huge amount of support from the Hyannis Youth and Community Center.

Moira Bundschuh June 28, 2011 at 12:00 AM
We bought two wonderful lobsters last week at the farmer's market. They were great!


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