Hyannis Brewery Urges Residents to Eat Local

Hurricane Sandy shut down most of Barnstable on Monday afternoon, with more than 60% of the town losing power at some point during the storm. Cape Cod Beer wants residents to help businesses make up for revenue lost during the storm by dining out.

Beth Marcus, Business Manager/Owner of Cape Cod Beer, knows firsthand how unexpected storms can impact revenue. Marcus took to Twitter Tuesday to urge local residents to support their favorite local restaurants this week. Marcus hopes to help Cape restaurants get a boost after the storm. 

“In the end, most successful restaurant businesses out there have a budget and know that they have to bring in x amount each week to make their budget. So when you miss a couple days things get tight,” Marcus said.

For Marcus, the reminder to urge residents to support local businesses year round is one that cannot be shared enough.

“The money spent at local independent businesses, or locally based chains, is money well spent in our local economy. The number we have found shows that $73 out of $100 spent stays local in the form of wages, professional services, local suppliers, local bank revenue, taxed and donations,” Marcus said.

We want to know what you think? Will you be taking part in Marcus’ mission and eat out this week? Tell us in the comments below.


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