C.L. Fornari's Top 5 Gardening Tips

Local gardening expert shares her wisdom.

1.  Loosen the soil in a wide area before you plant anything

2.  Water deeply less often…in other words, two hours of watering once a week is better than 15 minutes every other day.

3.  Keep up with the weeding—view it as a form of meditation.

4.  Pay attention: go out into your yard and look closely at your plants at least once a week.  Hint: this can be the perfect way to start or end the day with coffee or cocktail in hand.

5.  Be willing to take chances.  We’re so blessed that most of us don’t depend on our landscapes to supply our winter’s food.  We’re able to try new things, and to have fun in our gardens, so relax and do just that.


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