10 Great Summer Reads for Teens

But you don’t have to be a teen to read these books this summer.

The Truth About Alice is the debut novel of Jennifer Mathieu. Credit: http://www.jennifermathieu.com/
The Truth About Alice is the debut novel of Jennifer Mathieu. Credit: http://www.jennifermathieu.com/

It’s the well-known “naughty secret” of avid adult readers — reading young adult books. Let’s take a look at what’s in store this summer in the teen beach reads market. And whether you’re a teen, or an adult just looking for an escape, grab one of these titles and hit the beach.  

Here are some suggestions:

All I Need — A sweet little romance is a good idea for any beach read, and this one tells the story of a couple that meets before Boy travels off to college and leaves Girl behind. What happens? Read and find out. (Kindle price: $7.99; Hardcover: $13.83; Paperback: $8.99)

The Truth About Alice — Just who is Alice? Let four kids at Healy High tell you in Jennifer Mathieu’s debut novel. They’ll tell you she’s a slut, a girl who has sex for test answers, a girl who was sexting with a football player while he was driving caused an accident. But is that the real Alice? Find out. (Kindle price: $8.89; Hardcover: $10.74; Paperback: Not available)

The Shadow Hero — You’ve heard of the Green Hornet, but have your heard of the Green Turtle? Meet the first Asian-American superhero of the 1940s in this smart comic adventure. (Kindle price: Not available; Hardcover: Not available; Paperback: $11.73 - released July 15)

When Mr. Dog Bites — The story of a teenage boy with Tourette’s Syndrome, Brian Conaghan’s novel goes through all the “cool things” main character Dylan Mint wants to do before he dies. Dylan has heard that he only has eight months to live, and he’s ready to live it to the fullest. Share these last months with him — after the book is released on June 10. (Kindle price: $9.99; Hardcover: $14.14; Paperback: Not available)

Conversion — Set in Danvers, Massachusetts, the female students of St. Joan’s Academy are having coughing fits, losing their hair, suffering from seizures. In the same area that was once Salem Village, are the girls suffering from the same epidemic that struck during colonial times? Find out when the book is released July 1. (Kindle price: $9.78; Hardcover: $14.84; Paperback: Not available)

The Prince of Venice Beach — A teen runaway is living the good life on Venice Beach, until a private investigator asks him to help look for a missing girl. Who is the Prince of Venice Beach going to align himself with? (Kindle price: $9.99; Hardcover: $16.20; Paperback: Not available)  

Rapture Practice: A True Story About Growing Up Gay in an Evangelical Family — Aaron Hartzler’s memoir tells of a boy who grows up thinking that any day might be his last day on earth because of the rapture. Read about his teen years, as he learns some lessons not found in the Bible. (Kindle price: $7.99; Hardcover: $17.99; Paperback: $8.10)  

The Fault in Our Stars — Soon to be a movie, that always jumps a book straight into the popular beach reads lists, doesn’t it? Called one of the greatest romance stories of the decade by Entertainment Weekly, John Green’s novel has been sold millions of times already. But if you haven’t read it yet, pick it up now before you catch the movie. (Kindle price: $4.99; Hardcover: $9.99; Paperback: $7.79)

Dangerous Creatures — A female Siren, her rocker boyfriend, New York City — all featured in this book written by New York Times bestselling co-authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures series). According to publishers, Dangerous Creatures is a mix of mystery, suspense, romance, wit and danger. (Kindle price: Free, first eight chapters; Hardcover: $19.00; Paperback: $7.73)

City of Heavenly Fire — More fantasy, this book concludes the Mortal Instruments series of the Shadowhunter world. Chaos, destruction, love, life, it’s got all it all. (Kindle price: $10.67; Hardcover: $13.50; Paperback: Not available)

Next week, we’ll take a look at chapter books for little ones. In the meantime, tell us: What young adult/teen books are in your beach bag?
Paula DiCesare June 06, 2014 at 05:53 PM
Another great read is WHOM EVIL TOUCHES, by D.E.Royce, a local woman from Quincy, Ma. A murder mystery that takes place in Quincy and surrounding areas. Get the sun tan lotion, get the blanket, get the book! I found my copy on Amazon.com
BookOasis June 12, 2014 at 01:05 PM
I'm surprised with all the bad press surrounding Amz you would still be promoting them when there is an independent bookstore right here in Stoneham. We are also able to offer these titles as they become available and at a discount. We also have all the summer reading books not only for Stoneham, but most of the surrounding towns and parochial schools as well. Please encourage readers to shop local first!
Melisa Passanisi Thorne June 12, 2014 at 01:57 PM
I'm a frequent shopper at the BookOasis. Pick up books for me and my kids. It's the best deal in town.


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